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Have you outgrown your pants, jeans, skirt or shorts? Gained a bit off weight? Need a simple way to add some more inches to your pants without harming or damaging them? Well, you’re in luck, our pants stretcher is specifically designed to help you extend the waist of your pants to make them fit once again while making sure they stay completely safe! Unlike cheap plastic and low-quality pant stretchers on the market, our premium waist stretcher is made using the highest quality solid wood that is polished to be completely blister free, prevent chipping whereas the metal handle is both durable and lightweight to provide long-lasting use. This pant stretcher is made for 30″ to 59″ Waist Sizes so if you have a 30″ pant that you want to add a few more inches to you won’t find a better way to do it than with our waist pants clothes stretcher. Simply place both ends of the stretcher on the waist of your wants and spin the metal handle to slowly extend the stretcher to the desired length you want your waist to be. When you’ve stretched the pants, the longer you leave the stretcher in the pants, the more permanent the stretch will be. This jeans stretcher works on both wet and dry pants but in most cases, wet pants tend to stretch more and retain their stretched size once they dry up. We simply offer the highest quality products that we can be proud which is why when you buy from us you should expect nothing but the best. To top it all off, each purchase comes free with pant extending buttons and a recipe eBook so that you get the most value along with the highest quality! Click on the ADD TO CART button now and Order Yours Today to make your favorite pants, jeans, shorts, and skirts fit again.PREMIUM QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Our pant stretchers are made to provide you with long-lasting use. Using premium grade solid wood and durable metal, our waist pants stretcher is designed to withstand day to day use without chipping, bending or breaking like plastic pant stretchers. The two half-moon wood parts are solid and splinter-free making them perfect for all kinds of pants and jeans.
EXTEND PANT WAIST: Did your favorite pants shrink after being left in the dryer for too long? Did you gain some weight? In either case, with our women and mens jeans stretcher, you’ll easily be able to extend the waist of your pant, trousers, or jeans without harming the fabric or damage it in any way to add a few more inches to give you pants that fit perfectly!
FOR WAIST SIZES 30″ to 59″: Our fabric stretcher is made specifically to provide you with an easy way to stretch your 30″ to 59″ and anywhere in between so that men and women can enjoy clothes that fit comfortably. Using our waistband stretcher you can widen your pants, jeans, shorts, skirts and more with ease.
EFFECTIVE & EASY TO USE: No complicated steps and no long instructions, simply place our pants stretcher between the waist of your pant and spin handle to extend the sides to your desired length and leave the pant extended with the stretcher – that’s it. It truly is this simple. Instructions are also included.
FREE PANT EXTENDER BUTTONS & RECIPE EBOOK: Each purchase comes free with 4 X extender Pant/Collar buttons to make your pants fit along with a free recipe eBook that you’ll love! We use only the highest quality metal and polished solid wood to make our 30″ to 59″ Pant Stretchers so that you know you’re getting the best the market has to offer!