We remodeled our 1966 Aladdin hideaway travel trailer into a mobile bar for our cocktail catering company Happy Camper Cocktail Co. located in Seattle, WA. It took 5 months of weekend and after work renovations but we’re finally road ready with just a few last things to finish up before summer 2016 events. We’re proud to show you our results and would be happy to answer any questions from fellow vintage “canned ham” camper enthusiasts or would-be mobile bar owners in the comments below! Our blog has further details about materials used and how to renovate camper bars here: http://simplegoodnessblog.com/?s=happy+camper+cocktails

Check out our company Happy Camper Cocktail Co. at http://www.happycampercocktailcompany.com/ and see our interior tour still photos and photos of the camper bar in action. We serve garden to glass cocktails at weddings, corporate events, festivals, and any other reason you have to party!