Fishing in the NH lakes region has increased quite a lot over the last year. Since the economy has taken a downturn, many people have been laid off. As a result, people do not have the disposable income to spend on expensive activities. That's where fishing fits in.

Fishing is inexpensive. Just buy some bait for a few dollars and you can have a whole day of entertainment. Plus, you might even catch your dinner.

It's the perfect activity for families on a budget. Everyone can participate. You do not even need a boat. Fishing from the side of a stream or bridge is a fun way to involve the whole family. For those that do have a boat, the coves and inlets around Lake Winnipesaukee are a fun place to start your fishing adventure. Kids usually do not care what they catch, as long as they catch something. What better way to learn patience?

Bait and tackle shops have been doing very well because fishing has become very popular. Many people now have the time to fish during the week in addition to weekends.

More and more people are fishing these days. People that have a lot of time on their hands usually do some type of recreation outdoors. Fishing definitely fits in the category of an outdoor activity.

Simplicity is also what people are looking for. Fishing is an easy to learn sport and it's inexpensive to get started. What's great about it, there is no need for high-tech gadgets to catch fish.

When the economy is not doing that well, people tend to stop going on expensive vacations or eating out at fancy restaurants. Instead they get involved in a less expensive activity like fishing in the NH lakes region .

Source by Sharon Nix