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It’s a Fiat Ducato Pilote 270 Galaxy 2004, 2.8 JTD (iveco)

::::Recent Videos LIST::::
Relaxing Drive through Stunningly Beautiful Lofoten, Norwayhttps://youtu.be/kLysglQXVW4
Living Space Tour Fiat Ducato Pilote 270 Galaxy 2004 RV Motorhome & Test Drivinghttps://youtu.be/y8BmrDx3gkw
Truck + Trailer POV Driving Throwback (2016) + Reversing very Busy Road w/ traffic, railway, peoplehttps://youtu.be/EQ33rlazxC0
Ånnaboda / Storstenshöjden, Sweden. Slalom Skiing, offpist, small jumps, winter foresthttps://youtu.be/YXGpX_yBwD8
Volvo FM 460 relaxing drive window mount, beautiful Winter Landscapehttps://youtu.be/q6fAUwM1qXk
Driving in Lofoten, Norway (Window mount, 60fps) Relaxing drive, Opel Vectra 2.2 https://youtu.be/5DLrgUp8X6E
Stunning Views, Relaxing drive from the tip of Lofoten, Norway (POV)

Full day of Work! Winter Time, Volvo fm440 + Trailer, reversing, how to guide tutorial.https://youtu.be/NuLMgYm1nDU
Driving thru Gorgeus North Sweden (Norrbotten, Lappland, Jokkmokk, Kiruna, Abisko)https://youtu.be/3eAfRJ67c2w
Volvo FM Driving thru Stockholm City from Solna huvudsta to Jordbro. Swedenhttps://youtu.be/Z39TdFeTyK4
Offroad Maniacs! 4×4 vehicles driving in mud, cliffs and crazy steep hills + music! https://youtu.be/n5J2QTMXnjA
Driving a nice little Scania P series on small roads (POV) Hässelby Strand, Stockholm, Sweden.https://youtu.be/M08gVda34z4
EPIC Offroad 4×4 Motorvlog driving Adventure! Lada Niva competing in the woodshttps://youtu.be/0m8UgdgYkL8
Relaxing & Beautiful Autumn country road Driving, Yamaha X-max 250 Motorcycle Scooter.https://youtu.be/lnlKuPUg41w
He stole my wallet! Car & Trailer driving vlog, Stockholm to nacka forumhttps://youtu.be/WLboZi3fu94
POV Test Driving: Yamaha X-MAX 250 2008 (acceleration & top speed) Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockolm.https://youtu.be/tIy9f338zfQ
Test Driving a Really Fast maxi-scooter, Kymco Xciting 500Ri 2010 https://youtu.be/cWza-IIA8ow
Driving my New Car & 5 day water fast! 🙂 Beautiful Autumn country road drive Vlog. POV 1080p 60fpshttps://youtu.be/BXdotjK6-OU
Awesome & Relaxing (POV) Scania G440 + Big Trailer driving in the Sunset! (heavy load)https://youtu.be/fWEignFUB0c
(4K) Relaxing Mercedes Actros Truck + Trailer driving, loaded FULL TRIP!https://youtu.be/KcBSPB01fxA
Cosy Truck + Trailer Night drive, with Relaxing Country Musichttps://youtu.be/IxXLJOIZHDc
Scania g450 2015, truck + dolly trailer driving (POV). Stockholm, Sweden. Winter/snowyhttps://youtu.be/RX_2t9zxbb8
Relaxing drive, Old Volvo FM truck- Driving out of STHLM, hornstull.https://youtu.be/w1LcyER1BC0
smooth & beautiful Sweden Roadtrip music video – West to North (Jämtland to Lappland)https://youtu.be/E7aH5PspeN4
Reversing 24m Long Truck + Dolly Trailer, tight place in Uppsala, Sweden.https://youtu.be/-cVkSX3jPsQ
Roadtrip through West Sweden. Awesome Waterfalls (Storstupet & Hellfall)https://youtu.be/j5tPc-qLN_U
Trail in the woods/forest, downhill & beautiful meadows (pov 29″ MTB)https://youtu.be/HXN42lnKBmU
Relaxing evening drive with Scania G450 + Trailer (POV), wet country road/city driving!https://youtu.be/LukQ3kPgJ10
Dangerous Downhill MTB bicycle Trail Flottsbrohttps://youtu.be/SKgghFe65e8
SVERIGE håller på att FALLERA! Lastbils vlog med GoPro huvudfästehttps://youtu.be/-eLnuFcL8ao
Awesome Scania g450 country road Evening drive with Trailer! (POV)https://youtu.be/h9Am3kONlDg
SWEDEN Is turning to SHIT! Trucking vlog (POV) Scania G450 with Trailerhttps://youtu.be/jexoQ6nS-ho
Awesome & Relaxing, rainy, Scania G450 + Trailer driving (POV, headmount)https://youtu.be/XYmk0Ath1KI
Rainy bicycling home from work! POV Headstrap (4K)https://youtu.be/qomWU7qde4I
V8 5.6L Rear Wheel Drive 1992 Lincoln Town Car (POV driving, revs, acceleration, cruising)https://youtu.be/SMwKI0R5uVU
Super Cosy & relaxing Driving in the rain! Scania g450 truck + trailerhttps://youtu.be/Osr0-9Q2fFk
Electric Forklift driving (POV) Unloading palletshttps://youtu.be/QN7Pn0anBT4

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