Welcome to our channel! We are Sara and Luca, Italian couple and travel storytellers!
Are you ready to travel with us?

“Leave everything and wander” is the result of Sara Bertagnolli’s and Luca Sguazzini’s desire to join their own skills and realise a dream: that of traveling, leaving the certainties and securities of everyday life behind.

After university Sara achieved high-level professional goals in the field of management and became the personal assistant to the fashion designer Philipp Plein.
Luca has been traveling a lot since he was a child and the last year he gained notoriety for his participation in the Italian version of “Dancing with the stars”; he has more than 138k followers on Instagram and 50k on Facebook.

They have decided to join forces and to tell a life out of the ordinary on social networks. The plan is to travel through Canada, Alaska and, in a second moment, United States, Messico and South America and to share the trip’s photos and videos on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram, giving to everyone the possibility to experience the “wander-spirit”.

Traveling without temporal or spatial limits will give Sara and Luca the possibility to entangle their story with that of people they will meet on the road and to discover new cultures, visiting also the places which are not famous, the ones which often have the biggest surprises in store.
The start-up budget will be limited in order to demonstrate that – also without great economical resources – everything is possible if you put the work in and involve as many people as possible.

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