Coleman Pop Up Camper Awning Repair – In this video we show you how we replaced our pop up camper awning mounting bracket. See how we finished this project in Part 2 here:


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When we bought our camper there was a lot of dry rot in the stitching that attached our camper awning to the rubber gasket. The rubber gasket also needed replacing so we removed our awning and took it to an awning maker and they stitched a new gasket onto the awning for us for just a couple of dollars. Unfortunately our awning still didn’t hold in the mounting bracket, so for a quick fix (that we thought would last) we screwed self tapping screws through the top of the plastic mounting bracket to tighten against the gasket. These screws held up until a heavy rain that filled our awning with water. The weight of the water broke the plastic mounting bracket. This video shows you what we did to replace the bracket.

Because our awning fabric was in really good condition we didn’t have to replace it, but if we had we would have bought this one:

What we used for this project:
Putty Knife
Blow Torch
Heat Gun
Gorilla Glue

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