As an internet marketer you really need to learn the basics of co-registration. They can build your list fast and increase your market exposure. Of course, you do not just make co-registration transactions with just anyone. Be careful and do your research carefully.

You need to be very careful about that term called double opt-in. Double Opt-In means that those subscribers have double opted into their service, their newsletter, their Ezine, their publication. It will not give them the right to get the names to you nor does it give you the right to email those people. Look into that.

Test more than one source when you are co-registering. There are a few co-registration services that are out there. Do sample tests to see which ones get you better result. Different companies have different styles and different effects so check them out.

It is your market that you are testing in co-registration: what is it you're marketing and what you're advertising. When you get ready to look to co-registration services, use some things that you're going to want to keep handy. Your niche market is something you must know as you do the palm of your hand.

Know that when you go through the sign up for your co-registration, they're going to put you in categories. If you're marketing real estate and you wanted to get people to sign up for a real estate newsletter, you place your stuff accordingly.

Catchy names, headlines, benefit (laid in) statements are three important things you'll need. And a well-designed opt-in form is what's really going to bring the people to your Website.

Put all these together to draw their attention to make them pick you over a competitor. You're also going to make sure that you have your lead capture or your squeeze page setup. If your auto responder has a service where people can opt-in to your newsletter by email, you can also use that.

Ultimately, you do not want prospects to make them go and sign up to a newsletter – to your squeeze page and do a confirmation and then go back and do other things, especially if you're going to be giving them for your report or download. You want to make it easy. Give it to them immediately.

References are also quite useful. In every newsletter publication or Ezine publication that you put out, always remember your subscribers to pass your information on to others if they think that other people would find it valuable.

Suppose you have 100 people in your subscriber list with five of them really loving the information that you have. If they recommend it to even a couple of other friends, that's surely going to build your list.

So, these are just little things that you need to remember so that you can kind of take advantage of every opportunity to expose yourself to other people. And in that information, you want to revive your opt-in email or the squeeze page. You want to make it really easy for them to join up to your newsletter.

Aside from these basic techniques, know also that you got to keep tweaking things and changing it. See what works. And when you start building up a list, people will get back with you and tell you feedbacks that will help you improve in your craft further.

Source by Joel Christopher