When I was a little girl, I used to watch this cartoon called Wally Gator. And because of Wally, I wanted to go to Florida to meet him! And one fine day, my father asked if we wanted to go to Florida for good! (I was moving to Florida! I was going to be Wally's neighbor!)

So, I used to take my father Florida camping every weekend in hope of finding Wally. We never did find him, but we became good campers. I became more fond of my father .. This is what camping does, does not it? It creates a bond in the family!

So why should you camp in Florida?

I have camped in many places for 15 years and Florida is the best among them. This "sun shine place" is warm and cozy. With a long coast line, you can enjoy the beaches and the woods. Plus there are many things like boating, hiking, bird watching, surfing, fishing and a lot more.

Where should you start camping in Florida?

Well, Florida is a place full of beautiful camping sites. The two best sites (two of my favorites) are Anastasia state park and the Big lagoon state park. Both of these parks have beautiful beaches and large camp sites. The smell of nature and the fresh cool breeze on the beach opens up the senses (I hope I do not sound like a TV commercial). The kids love it, the moms love it (because its clean), and the dads love it!

They say When in Florida, Camp like the Floridians! And the most Important thing while Florida camping is a RV. (If you do not own one, rent one!) Places like Astor landing, Camp'n Aire (Lake Wales), Crystal Isles (Crystal River) are some of the places where you would just love RV camping.

There are many more locations for Camping in Florida. All you have to do is take a few minutes to look them up. And GO!

For first timers:

1. While Florida camping for the first time, take a guide with you. He can help you make the most of it.

2. If you are not into guides, then you should remember a few things

3. Pack lots of easy to cook food. Some camp sites do not usually have stores nearby.

4. Select a dry and a hard ground to make your tent. Your tent should be larger than the number of people. For instance, if you have a family of 4, the tent should be a 6 people or at least a 5 people tent.

5. In Florida camping keep in mind the surroundings around you, study the various types of insects and animal found while Florida camping, make sure to carry bug sprays and mosquito repellent. If you are going camping out in the woods make sure that no food is left out in the open so as to avoid attraction form animals.

6. Avoid using plastic bags so as not to pollute the environment.

7. Always make sure to clear the camp site before leaving so as to keep the camp site desirable for other fellow campers while camping in Florida.

Before going camping camp Florida will give you instruction for safety and may will provide you with maps and guides make full use of them. Have fun camping in Florida.

Source by Savs Foster