Its the day of the camping trip and you are stuck with the job of making sure everything gets into the pick-up. The only thing is the camping equipment is scattered throughout the garage and storage shed. I said to myself couple of years ago that I would never run into this problem again. I would never come to the campground again without the tent or a sleeping bag, that was a cold night.

The secret to keeping everything organized is keeping everything in a central location. The first thing that I did to centralize everything was to go shopping. I bought four of those big plastic containers with the lids. You know, the ones that Wal-Mart always have on sale this time of year. I took them home and started separating all my gear into piles. Sleeping bags here, cooking utensils there, scouting equipment in this pile, propane lantern and tent in that pile. Ok. Everything is separated, so you think. Lets separate it again into piles that will fit into the individual plastic containers you bought. I tried to keep like things together but, some things just didn’t want to cooperate somehow my 4 man tent ended up in the cookware bin. The only thing that did not fit in a bin is my Coleman stove and a fold up picnic table. So just try your best to keep everything together. While you are putting everything into the containers, make a list of what is going in and tape it to the outside of the container so that there is no guess work when it comes time to go on you trip. The best part about this system is when it is time to go you can just grab the containers and buy some food and go. It literally takes 30 minutes to pack for the trip. Good luck and good camping.

Source by Jake Swingler