When going on a camping trip, one of the things you have to remember is camping etiquette. Do you remember the golden rule? It says, “Do unto others what you want others to do unto you.” This cliché applies perfectly on this kind of activity.

Since campgrounds are often packed with people, it is important that you follow rules properly and practice right conduct to ensure that you all get to have an enjoyable, peaceful and worthwhile experience. Before you go pack your Coleman tents, here are some important rules of camping etiquette to make your trip pleasant not only for you but also for your fellow campers.

1. Keep noise level down. This is one of the most essential things to keep in mind. When people are having too much fun or are getting too excited, they tend to laugh or talk loudly. But you have to remember that the campground is not entirely yours. You are sharing it with other campers so you better keep it down especially during the night so you do not disturb other people.

People go to places like this to unwind and relax and they will find it hard to do that if you are constantly screaming or hollering. Tone down the singing, the music, and any other thing that creates noise. Plus, you also do not want to disturb the wildlife in the area.

2. Direct light away from other tents. Aside from the noise, light also travels from one campsite to another so be careful when using your flashlights and lanterns. Do not point them to other tents. Next to nosy and noisy neighbors, it is also very annoying when there is light constantly glaring right on your face. You would not want to do that to your fellow camper.

3. Keep the campsite clean. This is not only for you but also for the next campers who will pitch their tents at same site after you leave. Pack away everything. Do not leave any of your things behind. Dispose garbage properly. Even organic materials like paper and used coal should not be left lying around in the campsite. Be considerate of the next campers that will set camp at your spot.

4. Be friendly. Go out and meet people. If anyone asks for help, be ready to lend a hand. Whether a couple asks you to help pitch their 2-person tents or someone is short of some supplies, it is always nice to be generous and friendly.

5. Respect the environment. Whatever you do, always keep nature in mind so you will not get to do things that can harm it in any way. Aside from keeping your trash in the right place, also make it a point to be careful when walking around the forest. You might step on a bird’s nest or hurt a little creature.

Many campers would readily tell you how fun camping could be. The relaxing atmosphere coupled with great food and exciting activities make this kind of vacation very popular among people who love nature and the outdoors. Just make sure you follow the suggestions above when it comes to etiquette so everyone will have a wonderful time.

Source by D Coleman