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Either a picnic, a camping weekend, a concert, festival or a day at the beach, wouldn’t it be perfect to have a blanket at hand, in a couple of seconds? Or maybe you are on a camping trip, and it suddenly starts to rain. The only thing you need in this situation is a small, accessible raincoat.

Here’s where we come into play: Campers Will Multi-Purpose Raincoat / Pocket Blanket. The ideal product, made of a very resistant material, coated with a waterproof membrane (70D Polyester Taffeta), perfect for any kind of trip, ready to be used in case of a rain, storm, or when you simply need to rest yourself for a couple of minutes.

But you may be wondering, what would be the reasons I should choose Campers Will. Here’s why:
1. You get free carabiner and free tent stakes. Do not worry about having to buy separate stakes or carabiner for your pocket blanket. We got your back, and we will deliver them alongside our product, for FREE!
2. It is safe and comfortable, and will surely never let you down. With a soft side to sit on, and a waterproof membrane on the other side, it will keep you and your belonging sheltered in any situation. Also, made using premium quality materials, it is puncture resistant, so you will never have to worry about it being pierced by a stone, a stick or anything else.
3. With a big usable surface when fully opened (5.5 feet x 4.6 feet), and an extremely small size when packed up, our Premium Pocket Blanket is the perfect accessory for a perfect expedition.
4. It can be used in multiple ways, as it can also be transformed into a cool raincoat at any time. Just tuck yourself beneath the waterproof blanket, and put on the hood, and you are good to go.
5.Thick blanket , due to its intelligent design, and thanks to the materials carefully chosen by our professional designers.
1. ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: Always be prepared, no matter the circumstances, the landscape or the moment. Versatile, and ready to be used, our product is here to save your day, anytime, anywhere. Thanks to its ability to be packed up until it reaches a size that can fit in your pocket, and thanks to the bag where it can be deposited, our Pocket Blanket will be ready to be used in just a couple of seconds.
2. FULL PROTECTION: Unlike the competition, we, at Campers Will, are using only high quality materials, to offer our customers maximum protection against water and dirt, while being puncture resistant and easy to clean. The quality of our product is also reflected in its weight, 315g/0.7lbs compared to our competitors’ 230g/0.5lbs, making it 100% waterproof.
3. MAXIMUM CONFORT, MAXIMUM JOY: Using a special two sided design, with two different materials on each side, it is designed to offer a comfortable spot to sit on after a long, tiring journey, and on the other side, a protective membrane meant to keep you and your belongings safe from any possible harm.
4. FREE CARABINER AND TENT STAKES: Do not worry about further purchases, like tent stakes or carabiner, in order to keep your blanket secure on the ground. We will offer you all of them, for FREE, so you can have everything you need by buying one single, premium product.
5. SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Campers Will brand philosophy is based on quality both in products and in services and if you are not satisfied with this product for any reason, return it and we will promptly refund your purchase price.