As the weather becomes cooler and cooler the bass fishing can still be bass fishing can still be extremely hot, especially when the best bass baits are employed. In this article I will list some of the most effective cold weather bass fishing baits. If any of these baits aren’t a part of your bass fishing repertoire, they should be added sooner, rather than later.

During cold weather there are a number of baits that have proven to be effective. Some of the most popular cold weather bass baits are being listed below (in no particular order). These baits are all productive as the water temperature drops to cold levels. Remember there are a number of reasons why particular baits may be effective and many times those reasons have little to nothing to do with the bait itself. Many times those reasons have to due with the weather and water temperature, especially during the cold weather months. Keep this in mind when experimenting to determine the best bass baits for a particular fishing outing.

  1. Jigging Spoons – When you are looking for numbers of bass, jigging spoons can be a great bait choice. Sure, the occasional large bass will be hooked on a jigging spoon, but as a general rule jigging spoons are best when looking for numbers of bass. When water temperatures drop into the 40 and 50 degree range, bass move to deep water structure. Look for bass around deep water structure during cold weather months and use jigging spoons to entice them. Most of the time bass will hit the spoon as it’s falling so remember to watch your line when fishing with jigging spoons.
  2. Crank Baits – Although crank baits are great bass fishing baits at many times of the year, they seem to be especially effective during the cold weather months. On almost any lake a great place to start crank bait fishing is anywhere rocky points are located. Many times depths of five to ten feet in clear water, is a great place to start throwing shallow running crank baits during cold weather. In clear water the sun will warm the water faster, thus making the bass a bit more active. When it comes to the best bass baits during cold weather, crank baits are a great choice.
  3. The Jig & Pig – The jig and pig is one of the best cold weather bass baits. The slow falling’ action of the jig and pig is difficult for bass to resist. For this reason you want to make sure that your trailer (or “pig” portion of the jig and pig) is large/buoyant enough to allow for the offering to fall slowly. In many cases spray attractants can add a little extra attractant that will help entice a large bass. The jig and pig is one of the best bass baits during winter months, especially around brush that’s adjacent to underwater creek channels.

As I said earlier, these 3 baits are three of the best baits for bass fishing during cold weather. You should have every one of them available to you when fishing for bass during cold weather months.

Source by Trevor Kugler