1. Listening Songs

Seniors with Dementia may find it brain simulating to listen to their favorite songs. Family caregivers may help their loved ones in making a playlist of their favorite and nostalgic songs. Listening to soothing songs may also make your loved ones feel relaxed.

2. Making a Memory Bag

Your loved one can collect the things which may remind him or her about the best and fun teenage years of his or her life. Your loved ones can fill a bag with mementos and pictures which may boost their memory and enhance happiness. Family caregivers can help their loved ones in making a memory book to better recall the important and cheerful past events in their life.

3. Exercising

In order to stay physically active your loved ones can start a daily exercise routine. Exercising comes in many forms and you can choose what can be the best suited exercise for your loved one`s routine and habits. Your loved ones can build confidence around specific skills and family caregivers can also accompany them in their exercise to enhance social interaction and enjoyment.

4. Going for Outdoor Walks

Your loved ones may enjoy walking outside to get refreshed. Exploring nature is an amazing way for your loved one to better enjoy life and find new interests which may enhance their overall mood. Going outside may also increase your loved one`s social interaction.

5. Visiting Familiar Places

By visiting familiar places your loved ones may enhance their mental health. Family caregivers can take their loved ones to places they enjoy the most which may spark their old memories. Your loved ones can visit places like their favorite museums, coffee shops, restaurants, and any public place which may boost their memory.

6. Building Stronger Social Bonds

Family gatherings can increase social interactions in your loved one and may create a sense of wellbeing in him or her. To build stronger bonds your loved ones can increase their social activities which can also reduce loneliness in them.

7. Going to a Zoo

Your loved one may take pleasure in going to a zoo with their grandchildren. To watch animals hopping around and getting fed can be an excellent sight for your loved one to cheer them up and feel relaxed. Your loved ones can also take pictures of birds in a park as a hobby which may boost their mood and keep them engaged.

8. Reading Books

Reading or listening audio books may have a calming effect on your loved ones. If they like poetry or fantasy stories then you can provide them with books according to their fondness. Reading books can be a meaningful activity for your loved one and may create a sense of satisfaction in them.

9. Make a Routine

Seniors with Dementia may find it useful to spend their day on a scheduled routine. Family caregivers can make a predictable and comfortable routine for their loved ones to remember and work on it daily with ease. Your loved ones can make a tailored routine according to their energy and wellbeing throughout the day.

Source by Joseph Adsilg