Camping can be a fun and exhilarating experience, but at the same time it can be very dangerous. One of those dangers is bears. This article will explain a few of the most important precautions to exercise so you can have a safe and fun camping trip.

The number one rule to follow is to never, under any circumstance, store food in or near your tent. This also includes any items that may smell like food. Toothpaste, lozenges and breath mints have all been known to attract bears. And do not forget that when cooking, your clothes can absorb food like smells.

You will want to setup a kitchen area that is at least 50 yards away from your tent. Pay attention to the wind direction when setting up your kitchen area as well. You will want to make sure this area is downwind from your sleeping area. And just remember to do all of your cooking, cleaning, and hanging out in the kitchen area. I like to design one set of clothes to sleep in and change into them in this area.

Always make sure your food smelling items are stored properly. If your car is located near by it is a good idea to lock these items in the trunk of your car. Many campgrounds now offer storage bins to safely store your food smelling items. When you are deep in the country camping and you have no access to a storage bin or car, then all you will need is a tree and about 25 feet of rope. This way you can safely hang your gear in the tree for the night.

If for whatever reason there is no trees in the area you plan on camping in, there is bear proof canisters that you can purchase to store the food smelling items. These typically range from $ 25- $ 75 and can be found at most outdoor stores. This is also an easier alternative to hanging your food from a tree. Keep in mind that you still want to leave the container in your kitchen area, and not in your sleeping area. While the container might be bear proof, it's not a chance you want to take.

So next time you decide to camp in bear country just exercise a little caution and you will have a safe camping trip!

Source by Rick Ross