Most major injuries can be avoided, but sometimes no matter how careful you are an injury will occur. Even if it's a minor one it still needs attention. Every backpacker should have an understanding of basic first aid. If there is a major accident then help could be a long way away, so having basic first aid knowledge can be vital. Even if you do not suffer a major accident, there are still some simple things you can do to prevent problems while backpacking.

The first thing you need is a good first aid kit. This is an important piece of equipment. You will need to have some basic items in your kit to ensure you are ready for almost anything that can come your way. The following list will give you some idea of ​​what to include.

-Band aids of different shapes and sizes

-Antibiotic ointment

-Hydrocortisone cream


-Alcohol pads

-Ace bandages

-Hand sanitizer

-Gauze pads

-First aid tape

-Cold pack

You may also want to include a powered energy drink which is a good item if you were to get stranded to help keep your energy up.

One of the largest parts of first aid is prevention. You should understand what you can do to prevent accidents. This will go a long way to helping keep you safe on the trail. You should always make sure your equipment is in good shape. You also need to wear protective gear. Have a good plan for your backpacking trip and tell someone about it so they can be aware if you should become missing. You should learn about poisonous plants so you know what to avoid. You should also learn about basic survival skills.

You can not prevent everything, though, so you should also learn basic first aid. One of the biggest things is to try to keep all supplies sanitary. This includes trying to clean hands as best as possible before before a hurt or injury. Bacteria grows quickly and once it is introduced to an injury things can get worse quickly. You should take a first aid course to brush up on the basics, so if you should veer need them you know them.

Source by Mike Legg