If you haven’t seen the $10 Ottoman tutorial:

****WARNING: THIS VIDEO IS VERY LENGTHY! PLEASE KEEP IN MIND YOU CAN ALWAYS FAST FORWARD PAUSE AND REWIND (w/o making comments letting me know that it’s to long Thanks).

In this video I’ll show you how to make a $10 headboard using a thrifted wood from a twin bed. Hope you enjoy!

Materials needed- may vary depending on what you have on hand.
Wood-(I’m using wood left over from a twin size bed)
Staple Gun/Staples/Glue Gun

Tip: When searching for materials to make your creation think crafty, use items that may have other purposes and most of all have fun!

If you’re doing the tufted options you can just drill it directly into the wall where the tufts would be and glue your button on top of it. Or you can mount it like you would a big picture. If you have a local craft store in your area visit it to see if they have something like that in the picture framing area. Make sure if you use those to get one that can take the weight of your headboard. Or you can buy a french cleat which I usually purchased from Lowe’s or Home Depot! Hope this helps. Thanks again for stopping by!

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